Were you a junior golfer? You'll recognise these 10 things...


10 Things You Know If You Were A Junior Golfer

Its often said that your younger years are the best times of your life and that can certainly true when it comes to golf.

Here are the things that all former (and current) junior golfers know…

1) Teeing off before 12pm on a weekend was uncharted territory.

2) You drank the bar dry of lime soda and ate your body weight in bowls of chips.

3) The school holidays were reserved for one thing – golf. All day, everyday.

4) Playing in a match? Remember to thank the greenkeepers and the catering staff.

5) Your home club’s Junior Open was the year’s most prestigious Major.

6) You knew your club’s putting green like the back of your hand.

7) Parent or grandparent a member of the club? Great… Just put it on their account!

8) The practice putting comps were sometimes more serious than the actual golf.

9) All the adults thought you were a bandit.

10) There was always one really, really angry junior. Can’t think of one? It was probably you.

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