Neil Tappin asks the question who is Tiger Woods' caddie? A major-winning bag man, he has been working for the 14-time major winner since 2011


Who is Tiger Woods’ caddie?

Whilst watching the USPGA Championship from Bellerive, you may be wanting to know more about Tiger Woods’ caddie.

He has been working for the 14-time major winner since 2011 but 54 year-old Joe LaCava is a man that few golf fans on the side of the Atlantic will be too familiar with. So who is Tiger Woods’ caddie?

Joe LaCava came onto the bag of Tiger Woods after his acrimonious split with former bagman Steve Williams, who had worked for Woods for 13 years.

Conneticut man, LaCava, joined Woods after a four-year spell with Dustin Johnson that saw Johnson rise steadily through the ranks. Crucially however, prior to that he had worked for Freddie Couples, a close friend of Tiger Woods.

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One of the most striking elements to the relationship between the Joe LaCava and Tiger Woods has been the loyalty shown by LaCava. During their stint together, Woods has spent long periods out with chronic back injuries. Without a bag to carry, LaCava’s earning potential was greatly diminished but despite being told by Tiger to get another bag while he was injured in 2017, LaCava stuck by his man.

Who Is Tiger Woods’ Caddie?

Joe LaCava made his name as a caddie while working for Fred Couples in the 90s and early 2000s. In fact, he spent 20 years working for the 1992 US Masters Champion and helped Couples win a total of 12 events. The two split when Couples told LaCava to go and work for a younger player.

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It has been striking to see the contrast between LaCava and Tiger’s previous caddie, Steve Williams. Whilst Williams was tough and outspoken (playing the role of part caddie, part bodyguard), LaCava appears to be a quieter, more unassuming character.

For Joe LaCava, Tiger’s return to health and form marks the beginning of a new, exciting and potentially lucrative period in his own career.