One poor golfer had a complete head's-gone moment this week at his Club Championship...

WATCH: Golfer Completely Loses It And Launches ALL Clubs In Lake

Ah, the Club Championship…where dreams and made reality, sometimes, and when nightmares come to life.

This guy clearly had a nightmare and a complete head’s-gone moment.

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Former NFL player Josh Scobee tweeted this video from his Club Championship this weekend in the States, where one angry, disappointed chap threw all of his clubs into a lake.

Despite his rage, the golfer resisted the urge to give his golf bag a watery grave too.

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Besides, its the clubs’ fault, not the golf bag’s, as one user tweeted.

Jokes aside, we all know a good worker never blames his tools. Perhaps we could recommend he visits the Golf Monthly tips homepage?

Watch the video here:

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