Callaway Golf has introduced the Mack Daddy 2 line of wedges, which are designed to offer up to 25% more spin than their predecessors.

The wedges – already used on tour by the likes of Phil Mickelson and Marc Warren – feature larger groves for significantly increased spin and control around the greens.

Indeed, the new 5V pattern, which provides wider, more aggressive groves, is 39% larger compared to the 2011 Callaway Forged Wedge.

The 5V groove pattern is available on wedges with lofts of 56 degrees and higher, with wider grooves and a larger angled draft present on the lower-lofted wedges.

All of Callaway’s Mack Daddy 2 wedges also boast a unique Lasered Micro Groove for added face roughness.

Callaway’s new Roger Cleveland-designed forged wedges also feature a soft carbon steel for greater feel and custom sole grind options for greater versatility around the greens.  

“Golfers ask their lob wedges to perform a lot of different shots so it’s important to design these wedges to be extremely forgiving and versatile,” said Cleveland, Callaway’s chief club designer.

“And that’s what we’ve done with these new grooves and the added custom grind options. The MD2’s will be a must for the golfer who wants to perform his or her best in the toughest of conditions.”

There are three custom sole grinds available with the Mack Daddy 58 and 60 degree models: U-Grind, C-Grind and Standard Grind.

The U-Grind has a concave sole, allowing the leading edge to stay low and under the ball, the C-Grind is also relived in the heel and toe to prevent golfers creating too much bounce when opening the face and the S-Grind – relieved in the heel only – is designed for players who don’t want to add more loft.

The shape of the Mack Daddy Wedge was inspired from the X Forged ’08 and honed after consultation with the world’s best players.

The Mack Daddy will come in two finishes: Slate (fresh from a workshop bench) and milky Chrome (reduces glare).

Callaway’s new wedge offering will come in 52, 56, 58 and 60-degree options, with 47, 50, 54 and 65-degree offerings following in November.

The Mack Daddy will be available throughout Europe from July 12.