Cleveland Golf has unveiled its new long-game offering for 2013, comprised of the Classic XL Custom driver, the Classic XL driver, the Classic XL fairway wood and the Classic hybrid.

The Cleveland Classic XL driver is designed to deliver more distance and possesses the largest and deepest driver club face in golf.

The size of the effective hitting area, coupled with the larger sweet spot, combine to provide forgiveness and confidence.

The centre of gravity also sits deeper in the club face for a more penetrating ball flight, and enhanced variable face thickness technology helps improve forgiveness on off-centre hits.

The Classic XL Custom – Cleveland’s first adjustable driver – employs similar characteristics to the regular model, but can also be modified to adapt to the needs and swings of different players.

It features an interchangeable weight port and its adjustable hosel can be moved into 12 different settings to achieve optimum face angle and flight.

The Classic XL Custom comes in three different shaft options: the Miyazaki JDL 6 for a mid launch angle, the lightweight Fubuki Tour 53 for a high launch and the Matrix Ozik Black Tie 6M3 for a penetrating launch.

In addition, Cleveland has also launched the Classic XL fairway wood and the Classic hybrid to complement their new driver models.

The Classic XL Fairway also sports a large face and employs variable thickness face technology, while the Classic hybrid’s stand-out feature is its Gliderail sole, which decreases turf drag for more lift and speed as club meets ball.

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