Cobra has launched its new Long Tom driver, as well as a limited-edition, pre-release version of the Long Tom.

This limited-edition driver, called the Long Tom Raw will come hot off the production floor with a RAW, unfinished cosmetic.

The Long Tom driver is a four-foot long, ultra light driver that is being billed as the ultimate weapon for
jaw-dropping distance.

“We are breaking the mold with the Long Tom driver,” said Bob Philion, president, Cobra Puma Golf. “We are so excited about it that we decided to rush 500 RAW versions right off the production floor and straight to consumers.”

Only 500 Long Tom RAW drivers will be released globally, each individually marked with a production serial number. The unfinished cosmetic comes equipped with face and clubhead markings from testing, giving it a unique appearance.

The Long Tom name comes from a cannon that was used during World War II and the Korean War. In the 1970’s Cobra released its first version of the Long Tom, directly inspired by this cannon. It was a 46″ driver and one of the first of its kind.

The inspiration from the Long Tom Cannon is seen in the new 48″ Long Tom Driver not only in its extreme length, but also in its cosmetic. The all black, cannon cosmetic of the Long Tom driver and the RAW, unfinished cosmetic of the Long Tom RAW are fierce finishes stemming from the look of the cannon.

Cobra’s Long Tom RAW driver has a SRP of £319.00 and will be available from October 14, 2011 and the Cobra Long Tom driver will have a SRP of £289.00 and will be available from November 25, 2011.