Golf Monthly, in association with leading clothing supplier Galvin Green, has produce a winter golf tips app to help you play your best this winter.

The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play.

Keith Wood, one of Golf Monthly’s Top 25 Coaches, takes you through a range of simple drills and instruction, and his practical advice is geared towards helping you produce your best scores this winter.

The app is divided into six sections, with each offering a range of tailored instruction and information videos.

The Winter Golf Essentials section includes advice such as dressing for winter and preparing to play in hostile conditions.

There are four sections dedicated the playing in winter, split up into Driving Game, Approach Play, Short Game and Putting.

Within each section you will learn how to conquer specific idiosyncrasies related to winter, ranging from playing from muddy lies to finding a smooth stroke on winter greens.

In addition, a dedicated practice section instructs you how to maximise your time off the course and make the most out of practicing in the winter.

To download Golf Monthly Winter Golf Tips in association with Galvin Green, simply search Winter Golf Tips on the App Store or Google Play.