Mizuno has launched its new range in the JPX800 series and as well as the JPX800 fairway woods, irons and hybrid, Mizuno has introduced its new JPX800 driver.

The new JPX800 HOT METAL increases average driving distance by specifically targeting an improvement in ball speeds from shots struck outside the sweet spot.

Analysis has shown that most distance loss occurs when golfers miss-hit from high or low on the clubface. Therefore, Mizuno’s design team has increased the JPX800’s vertical MOI, alongside the standard extension from heel to toe.

Pictures of the new Mizuno JPX800 driver

The JPX800 sits with a square clubface at address – relying on an internal weighting system for its straight, high flight. Mizuno found that the square set-up best neutralised the amateur’s most destructive miss hit – the pull straight left.

Chris Voshall, R&D, said: “While the JPX800 driver has many of the key elements needed to help amateur golfers – large MOI, Hot Face, slightly longer club length, we didn’t hook the face or do anything else to keep it out of a better player’s hands.

“Our tour players commented that the 800 looked very ‘clean’ something they could hit straight, cut, or draw.

“And just like most golfers, their distance loss comes from hitting the ball a little too high or low when using a high tee. The vertical stability on the JPX800 keeps that distance loss to a minimum.”

The Mizuno JPX-800 range:

Mizuno JPX-800 driver: Mizuno JPX 800 driver pictures
Mizuno JPX-800 fairway woods: Mizuno JPX 800 fairway woods pictures
Mizuno JPX-800 hybrid: Mizuno JPX 800 hybrid pictures

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