The new Mizuno range of clubs has been launched and is lead by the new Mizuno MP-59 and Mizuno MP-69 irons. A new Mizuno JPX800 HD set has also been launched as well as JPX wedges, MP-R12 wedges, MP putters and a JPX Fli-Hi.

The Golf Monthly Test Team were given early access to the new product for testing. You can see exclusive video reviews below as well as product information, release dates and first-look galleries:

Mizuno MP-69 irons
Mizuno MP-69 irons launched

Mizuno MP-69 irons pictures gallery
Mizuno MP-69 irons video review

Mizuno MP-59 irons
Mizuno MP-59 irons launched
Mizuno MP-59 irons pictures gallery
Mizuno MP-59 irons video review

Mizuno JPX800 HD irons
Mizuno JPX800 HD irons launched
Mizuno JPX800 HD irons pictures gallery
Mizuno JPX800 HD irons video review

Mizuno JPX wedges
Mizuno JPX wedges launched
Mizuno JPX wedges video review

Mizuno MP-R12 wedges
Mizuno MP-R12 wedges launched
Mizuno MP-R12 wedges video review

Mizuno JPX Fli-Hi
Mizuno JPX Fli-Hi launched
Mizuno JPX FLi-Hi pictures gallery

Mizuno MP putters
Mizuno MP putters launched
Mizuno MP putters pictures gallery
Mizuno MP putters video review