Motocaddy has introduced a new 18- and 36-hole lightweight lithium battery to offer golfers more flexibility on the golf course.

The market-leading electric trolley brand’s new 18-hole lithium battery – which is available with all Motocaddy electric trollies – weighs just 2.2 kg, a third of the lead-acid equivalent.

The 36-hole lithium battery weighs 2.5 kg – less than a quarter of its lead-acid equivalent – and is less than half the size.

“More golfers are using lithium batteries than ever before because they’re lighter, more efficient, extremely reliable and ultimately make the game more enjoyable,” said Neil Parker, Motocaddy’s Sales Director.

“The new 18-hole lithium versions give that extra bit of flexibility and affordability for golfers looking to play just one round a day, while the 36-hole battery is available for these that play morning and afternoon rounds.”

Both the lithium ranges offer a five-year limited warranty, something that has helped increase lithium sales significantly since their introduction in January last year.

The models also feature an integrated battery management system that protects the battery, and have five times the lifespan of their lead-acid counterparts.

Both the 18- and 36-hole lithium batteries can be re-charged from empty in less than five hours.

The lithium range is available from mid-April with trolley purchases and as a replacement battery option.