Odyssey launches Metal-X Milled putter line

Odyssey Golf has announced the launch of a new technologically-advanced Metal-X Milled line of putters.

Metal-X Roll Technology is chemically milled into the face, producing truer putts with more consistent roll due to its lower launch angle and forward rotation it gives to the ball.

This is also combined with their Stabilising Crossbar Technology to stiffen the face, as well as Adjustable Weighting to customize feel that comes in three sets – 340g, 350g or 360g.

This new range of putters is available with six trusted Odyssey head shapes – #1, #6, #7, #9 HT, 330 Mallet and Rossie.

Austie Rollinson, Principal Designer, Odyssey Golf, said: “With the introduction of Metal-X 
Milled, Odyssey is making a statement about performance and what can be achieved by bringing together a series of truly ground-breaking technologies.

“As a company we are driven by technology to turn putting into an art form and with Metal-X 
Milled we’ve re-written the rules and created a concept that, once more, underlines why Odyssey is the #1 putter brand in golf.”

The Odyssey Metal-x Milled putter line will be available from January 17, 2014.