Wilson Staff FG Tour golf ball added for 2014

Wilson Staff has enhanced its line-up of FG Tour ball models with the addition of the four-piece FG Tour golf ball.

The new Wilson Staff FG Tour golf ball – which follows on from Wilson Staff’s two-piece Dx2 Soft and three-piece Dx3 Soft – is a soft-feel Tour-quality ball designed for low-handicap golfers.

The four layers utilised in the 70-compression FG Tour are a soft rubber core – which provides improved feel and low driver spin – an inner mantle for spin performance, an outer mantle providing increased distance and a cast urethane cover, which generates high spin and control around the greens.

“The FG Tour ball completes the perfect line-up of two, three and four-piece balls from Wilson Staff, the brand that continues to lead the way in low-compression golf-ball technology,” said Frank Simonutti, Wilson Golf’s Manager of golf ball R&D.

“Extensive research conducted by our R&D team proves that more and more serious golfers want to play with a softer tour-feel ball like the new Wilson Staff FG Tour.

“That’s why we’ve lowered the compression from the previous FG Tour ball and introduced a new multi-layer design that delivers the best overall performance of any of our golf balls to date.”

The 2014 FG Tour also features a new 318 dimple pattern, which delivers more distance and stability and greater penetration.

The Wilson Staff FG Tour golf ball is available to buy now, with a RRP of £34.99 per dozen.