Titleist Pro V1 – £46 per dozen


The New Titleist Pro V1 creates a steep angle of descent into greens to provide a ‘Drop and Stop’ effect with approach shots.


The Titleist Pro V1 might be the number one ball on all professional tours and the best selling ball on the market but it failed to impress our unknowing testers. Our suspicion is that hard contact off the tee convinced the testers it was a hard ball that would be difficult to control around the greens. But in the hands of the right low handicap player, the Pro V1 is still a classy performer.


Despite the reservations of our testers, the Titleist Pro V1 is still one of the best in the busines. But it takes a good player to recognise the difference between its hard explosion off the tee and soft responsive feel around the green. Why else would it be so popular with the big boys?

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