Titleist ProV1 £10.75 for three balls


This is a three piece ball with a urethane cover and 392 dimples.


Core: The large soft compression core has been reformulated to work better with the new mid layer for improved launch conditions.

Mid Layer: The ionomer inner casing is stiffer and thicker than the original to help control spin rates more.

Cover: Five different dimple types on the soft, thin cover boost surface coverage, improve aerodynamics and promote a slightly flatter and more penetrating flight.


Seems to land more softly on delicate chips than its predecessor. Despite the softer feel, it doesn?t appear to have lost any of the distance.


The Pro V1 and Pro V1X will continue to dominate the market and this is a good indication of how strong this product is. It?s difficult to fault the Pro V1, it performs well in all conditions and resists scuffs well.