Cobra Speed Series LD M and LD F £148 (g), Pro £153 (g)

Design and Tech Benefits
The three different Speed Series models are engineered to suit varying swing speeds. The LD M and F feature a ?fast-back? design and big dimples on the crown to push centre of gravity back, making them more stable and easier to launch. The Pro has a smaller, tour-preferred head size, shallower face profile and neutral face angles to suit accomplished players looking to work the ball more readily.

GM VERDICT The LD M and F models generate quite a ?ting? at impact, while the Pro has a more traditional feel off the face. The LD M was easy to hit, and very hard to fade or slice as a result of its offset head; the LD F?s deeper face proved perfect off a tee for me, but a little less versatile off the grass; while the more compact Pro really hit the mark for me in terms of head size, shape, sound and feel ? a real contender for a spot in the bag.

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