Titleist 775.CB £620 (s), £720 (g)

Design and Tech Benefits
This blended set features oversize, multi-material ?channel back? long irons through to mid-size short irons to maximise performance throughout the set. The oversize long irons have an enhanced offset design to give a higher, straighter flight, while the more traditional short irons are designed for control and greater playability into and around the greens.

Titleist are not renowned for their game improvement irons but the 775CB attempts to make a dent in this lucrative sector. They remind us of Titleist DCI Oversize from a while back. The feel was great and gave us a lot of feedback. The offset will suit those who struggle with a slice but those wanting to work the ball the other way may face more of a fight. But a great set for those looking for improved accuracy throughout.
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