This driver buyers guide will help you find a model right for you. It is important to consider the following factors…

Distance verses control
Obviously getting a good balance between these two factors is key to good driving but you will always be looking for an improvement in one over the other. Those who hit it pretty straight but lack some length should try one of the new lightweight designs that often incorporate longer shafts. If you can find the middle of the club consistently with one of these designs you will find added yardage as a result. Anyone who is looking to improve their control or want to shape the ball off the tee should try out adjustable models. These can either help get rid of an unwanted shot shape or help you develop a stock shot you can rely on.

Shaft options
There have never been more choices on offer when it comes to driver shafts. Modern fitting technology means it has also never been easier to experiment with a wide variety of options. Shafts can play a big part in distance, flight, control and consistency and finding the right model is just as important and finding the right head. Many manufacturers offer a range of shafts with no added cost. Being fitted on a launch monitor will help give a true reflection of the combination that best suits your game.

Head colour
It has been impossible to ignore the introduction of white headed woods over the last year. Second generation models are now being launched and more brands have followed their own white headed drivers. When combined with a black face the white crown helps to show you exactly where you are aiming so this is something you struggle with a white head is worth a try. Sleek looking black heads are also hugely popular with most brands going one way or the other. Head colour and shape is very much down to personal preference but don’t be afraid to try out something different. If you find a model that suits your game you will soon enjoy the way it looks behind the ball.