Golf trolley buyer’s guide: Top 10

M1 Pro £599.99 (36 hole Lithium battery)
This is the perfect option for anyone who wants an electric golf trolley but struggles for boot space.

Freeway Sport £679 (18 hole Lithium battery)
Sporty styling makes this one of the best looking golf trolley models around. The roller dial makes it very easy to control.

Stewart Golf
X7 Lithium Remote £999
Stylish, unique and a remote control that makes using the trolley fun and easy. Expect excellent customer service before and after purchase.

Automatic £299
Another British company renowned for excellent customer care. A very different look that will stand out from the crowd and a very sturdy design.

S1 Pro
£349.99 (18 hole lead-acid)
Very easy to construct and use. Modern looks are combined with an ergonomic design and excellent Motocaddy build quality.

Big Max
Blade £299
A very smooth push golf trolley that folds to a very compact size and features plenty of storage space in the handle.
£369.99 (18 hole lead-acid)
Compact and relatively lightweight, with visually appealing aesthetics and first-class manoeuvrability.

A very stylish push trolley that is easy to manoeuvre and has some clever features, most notably the brake by the handle rather than by the wheels.

Stewart Golf
Z3 Push
Very light to push, and barely distinguishable from a power trolley on the flat. The height-adjustable handle is also ideal.

Evolution Digital
A well-made electric trolley at a very competitive price. The frame is easy to setup from the very first use.