Priced at around £599 (steel), these new semi-cavity Tour Preferred irons by TaylorMade are worth every penny. TaylorMade have blended modern technology with the classic design of a blade to create these very impressive new irons.

Having recently been fitted at The Belfry for these clubs, I found them to be really forgiving, considering their thin topline and blade-like appearance. I didn’t want a completely bladed iron, as I knew it would only make my life harder in my attempt to get down to scratch this summer.

Knowing that only around 40% of professionals on tour play with forged blades, I realised that I would struggle if I bought something like the new Nike Victory Red blades. Having had the Tour Preferred irons in my bag for two months now, I’m itching to hit my next shot every time I pick them up. They give me a penetrating ball flight through the air, allowing me to shape and work the ball both ways.

I now have the confidence to hit a range of shots out on the course from a low punchy draw into wind with 4-iron, to a high towering fade with 8-iron.  

Suited for a low to mid handicapper, the classic blade shape and shorter blade length from heel and toe, provides a clean, contemporary, compact appearance at address.

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