Galvin Green Edge Line Revealed - Galvin Green has launched a new premium, fashion-focused clothing line aimed at the younger golfer

Galvin Green Edge Line Revealed  

Swedish golf performance apparel brand Galvin Green aims to attract younger, more fashion-conscious golfers with its new super-premium Edge clothing line, featuring unique pieces like patterned bomber jackets, camo polo shirts, sweatshirts and even bandanas.

Famed for its colourful clothing, Galvin Green’s new Edge collection is composed of 16 garments plus matching accessories that boast a fashion-led, off-course style without sacrificing on-course performance.

Galvin Green Edge Line Revealed

Themed in a trendy camo look featuring colour combinations of black, grey, green and red, the line covers most of the brand’s pioneering multi-layers designed to help golfers to play more golf in all weather conditions.

“The Edge collection is more than just a brand statement,” said Brand Manager Nicholai Stein. “It reflects the feedback we’ve had from younger golfers who are very keen to be seen wearing Galvin Green branded gear both on and increasingly off the golf course.


Among the standout garments in the Shell layer is a waterproof Gore-Tex full-zip jacket called E-Llusion (RRP £420, above), which features a mesh lining, lightly padded collar and articulated sleeves, plus front pockets and adjustable cuffs and hem.

There’s also an extra lightweight Gore-Tex Paclite jacket with stretch fabric and a tailored fit called the E-Triangle Iron (RRP £400), which features an extra-light padded collar, front pockets and articulated sleeves, as well as adjustable cuffs.


Adding to the impressive Lance Interface-1 Jacket is the two-way, front-opening Interface-1 windproof bomber jacket called E-Golf Base (RRP £150, above) features a full-zip and button-down option, plus a quilted collar, rib cuffs and hem, front pockets and is water repellent.

Another windproof Interface-1 garment is the E-Cam Printed full-zip jacket (RRP £300) with a double layered collar and embossed appearance with red accent on the wind panel. It has rib cuffs and hem, plus front pockets and, like all the garments in the line, is extremely breathable as well as water repellent.


There are three stylish Insula jackets – the E-Insula Patchwork (RRP £160), the outlandish black and white E-Insula Wave half-zip pullover (RRP £150, above) with front kangaroo pockets and the Insula GG Logo sweatshirt (RRP £140) that sports the brand’s Edge logo on the chest and a cellphone pocket on the front.


Complementary E-Black trousers with a bold white stripe are a standout feature of the line, along with Ventil8 Plus polo shirts called E-Empflage (above, RRP £100), Camonoir, White & Red.

Finally, the line is completed by and E-Camo belt (RRP £60, below) two E-Caps in red and green, and an E-Camo Bandana.


The entire Galvin Green Edge line is available from selected stockists from 1 August 2018.