New cover and core design developments are said to enhance performance for the slower-swinging golfer


2018 Srixon Soft Feel and UltiSoft Balls Launched

Srixon has revealed two new performance ball upgrades for the second half of 2018.

Sitting alongside the tour performance Z-Star and Z-Star XV and the AD333 and AD333 Tour are the 2018 Soft Feel and UltiSoft, both designed to provide golfers with a soft feel on all shots.

The new Srixon Soft Feel is now in its 6th generation, with the latest iteration designed specifically for golfers wanting to maximise distance and control with exceptional feel.


It features a softer cover for more greenside spin and improved short-game feel, an EGG core for a high launch, low spin trajectory off the tee and an upgraded 338 dimple pattern that reduces aerodynamic drag for added distance and stability in the wind.

2018 Srixon-Soft-Feel-ball

“The all-new Soft Feel was designed to help players maximise their distance off the tee, while providing even better feel and control,” said Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development.

“The latest generation Soft Feel accomplishes this goal, offering a lower compression ball for incredible distance, but a softer cover to provide that greenside performance all players crave.”


The Soft Feel is available in White, Tour Yellow as well as a Soft Feel Lady model in Soft White and Passion Pink. It goes on sale on the 1st August 2018 with an RRP of £24 per dozen.

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The UltiSoft golf ball is now in its second generation and is even softer than the previous model. It is ideal for golfers with mid-to-low swing speeds, seeking a soft feel around the greens as well as a higher launch and maximum distance off the tee.


Softer than before, the variable-compression Energetic Gradient Growth Core gives you a high-launch, low spin trajectory off the tee for added distance and an ultra-soft feel.


The soft, thin cover provides more control around the greens and a softer feel on all shots while the new 338 Speed Dimple Pattern has been created to cut through the wind for maximum distance and accuracy.

The new Srixon UltiSoft golf ball officially launches in the UK & Ireland on the 1st August 2018, with an RRP of £24 per dozen.