Access our interactive Golf Pride web magazine

Golf Monthly has teamed up with Golf Pride to produce a special ‘Grip Confidence in 2014‘ interactive web magazine.

The digital offering comes with six exclusive videos and additional information on the extensive range of Golf Pride grips, as well as revealing how a new set of grips could give your game a renewed lease of life.

David Leadbetter, one of the game’s most successful and respected coaches, offers his thoughts on the importance of grip and how to get it right.

We also take a look at the different types of feel, size, texture and feedback on offer and the types of golfer each design is suited to.

What’s more, we review the latest Golf Pride grips on the market, including the New Decade MultiCompound, Tour Velvet Super Tack, CP2 Pro & CP2 Wrap and Tour Velvet.

Ben Hogan once said “good golf begins with a good grip”, so uncover the benefits of regriping and find the right grips to suit your game with our special Golf Pride magazine.

To access our interactive web supplement, simply click here: