Adams Golf, known for producing some of the game’s easiest to hit clubs for golfers at every level – notably hybrids and hybrid iron sets – is integrating the “Make Golf Easy” philosophy into every facet of the company’s business.

John Ward, President of Adams Golf said: “This philosophy reflects the start of a new era for Adams, where interacting with our company will be simpler for golfers, vendors, retail partners and pro shops”.

This commitment demands a new logo, corporate colours and attitude.

The brand’s primary mark now includes a script typeface “Adams” that will be seen on clubs, accessories and marketing assets.

Added to the portfolio is a recognizable, standalone emblem.

A script “A” features the design element of a golf club on the left leg, while the entire letter is surrounded by a two-stripe oval that represents the golf swing path.

For most of the company’s history the primary color palette has been red and black.

Moving forward, blue will become the primary color, with red white, black and silver as complements.

“We feel that this new look will help Adams become more recognizable around the world in a more consistent and contemporary manner” said Scott Blevis, Senior Vice President of Marketing

Tour professionals have already begun sporting the new look on headwear and bags.

The first product to feature the mark will be the new Tight Lies fairway wood, a technologically-advanced re-birth of the club that put Adams “on the map.”