Arccos 360 Shot-Tracking System Revealed - Updated automatic performance tracking system distributed by Cobra Puma Golf provides golfers with even more data about their play

Arccos 360 Shot-Tracking System Revealed

Arccos, one of the leading performance tracking companies and a technology partner with Microsoft, has announced the launch its second-generation system called Arccos 360.

Consisting of 14 ultra-light sensors for each club in your bag, Arccos 360 automatically detects every shot a golfer hits. It then uses an enhanced version of the Strokes Gained algorithm to provide the user with the same ShotLink-style analysis used on the PGA Tour.

Arccos 360 shot tracking system

Arccos 360 is half the weight of the initial version, with a much longer battery life for the sensors. Some of the useful data it provides includes a handicap for each area of the game, records of your personal best performances, your fairways and greens hit plus where you missed them as well as accurate distances as to how far you actually hit each club.

“Until now, amateurs haven’t had access to the type of data-driven insights that the world’s best players are using,” says Sal Syed, Arccos CEO and Co-Founder. “We’ve pioneered a system that does just that by seamlessly capturing and analysing every shot a golfer hits, helping them go beyond guesswork to lower their scores.”

Arccos 360 sensors communicate with a free app for iOS and Android devices, delivering data for distances hit, club averages, driving accuracy, greens in regulation, sand saves, putts and more. By accessing the Tour Analytics web dashboard, Arccos users and their instructors can gain valuable insights via deep dives into stats, playing patterns and rich data comparison for every club, shot, hole and round.

Arccos 360 shot tracking system

Arccos recently formed a partnership with Cobra Golf to launch the Cobra Connect Powered by Arccos range of connected King F7 drivers, which came as standard with an Arccos sensor embedded in the grip to provide users with GPS while capturing driving distance and accuracy stats.

“In just over two years, we’ve recorded more than 50 million shots during nearly 600,000 rounds and the evidence is clear – our users improve rapidly,” adds Syed. “In 2016, the average Arccos user who played more than 10 rounds reduced their handicap by 2.77 strokes, a rate that’s 20-times faster than the average player in the USGA GHIN handicap system. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the advanced analytics that will be delivered to the Arccos community through our work with Microsoft.”

Arccos Golf has also announced Microsoft Corp. as its Official Cloud Partner in an initiative combining Arccos’ performance tracking system and data set of 50 million golf shots with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Azure Machine Learning, part of Microsoft Cortana Intelligence.

The first phase of this collaboration is the Arccos Course Analyzer. This platform layers an Arccos user’s data on top of millions of data points for more than 40,000 golf courses mapped in the Arccos system. It then harnesses Azure’s cloud-computing services and machine learning capabilities to provide personalised recommendations for optimal strategies on nearly every golf hole in the world.

“The use of advanced analytics in golf is in its infancy compared to other major sports due to the tremendous challenges of collecting the required shot data,” says Mike Downey, Director, Principal Evangelist – Sports at ‎Microsoft.

“The PGA Tour overcomes these hurdles with a team of 350 data collection volunteers at every tournament. Arccos is the first company that has truly cracked this code for amateurs by creating a virtually automatic sensor platform that seamlessly integrates into a player’s routine. As a result, Arccos has developed an impressive and rapidly expanding data set. We’re excited to layer this with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to deliver intelligence that helps golfers realise their full potential.”

Arccos 360 is on sale now with an RRP of £249.