The Concourse from Big Max is one of the most refined, lightweight and compact golf trolleys in the world. With this partnership between golf bag and trolley, the Concourse saves space and time.

Weighing in at just 2.1 kg not even the weight will give away a trolley is present.

The Concourse is shaped to lie flush to the bags surface allowing the trolley to remain permanently attached.

The Concourse opens up with a one touch operation to deliver the robust, stylish golf trolley. With the quick addition of the dual bearing click on wheels the Concourse is ready to hit the fairways. 

The best of Big Max golf bag design is partnered with the Concourse.

The Big Max golf bag has a 14 way divider top along with a host of pockets. This includes a cooler pocket, large pockets for clothing, a dry pocket for gloves and a lined pocket for valuables. In addition, the bag comes with an external putter holder and an umbrella holder.

When it comes to packing away, the wheels simply click off and stow away in their wheel cover. 

The Concourse folds down in one movement and the bag and trolley are ready to fit into any car boot that can take a golf bag. 

The suggested retail price of this bag and trolley combination is £329.