The new Callaway Hybrid Laser GPS has been revealed, offering golfers the best of both worlds in a light, slimline distance measuring device

Callaway might be known for its exceptional golf equipment, but what you may not know is that in the past it has dabbled in the laser rangefinder category. Now, it has introduced its most advanced model to date in the form of the Hybrid Laser-GPS model that incorporates two separate distance-measuring technologies for greater accuracy.

Combining the pin-seeking precision of a laser rangefinder with the added convenience of GPS course mapping, the Hybrid Laser GPS offers comprehensive distance information in a compact device, weighing just 220 grams.

Featuring Callaway’s Pin Acquisition Technology (PAT), the laser can lock on to pins up to 300 yards away with accuracy to within a single yard, while also offering x6 magnification for multiple-target measurements up to 1,000 yards away.

The GPS function is preloaded with more than 30,000 global golf courses without any download or subscription fees and offers distance measurements to the front, centre and back of greens plus layup and carry yardages to hazards and doglegs.

Also new to the UK is the Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder featuring ‘Slope’ technology, which measures the angle of incline or decline to the target then calculates the slope-adjusted distance; plus the 200 Laser Rangefinder, weighing just 110 grams that offers measurements up to 800 yards away and can lock onto pins from 275 yards out.

The new Hybrid Laser-GPS rangefinder has an RRP of £329, with the 300 Pro model retailing at £299 and the 200 model retailing at £199. All are available to order in the UK now.