Callaway Golf Company today introduced two innovative products designed to deliver speed and distance to golfers, its FT Optiforce Driver and Fairway Woods.

The new clubs debut several new and systematically designed technologies to help increase a golfer’s clubhead speed, ball speed and thus overall distance.

The FT Optiforce Driver will, in a first from Callaway, offer loft and lie adjustability to optimise launch conditions.

In a distinct approach, Callaway is launching two variations of the FT Optiforce Driver clubhead to help golfers find their optimal performance.

The four primary technologies outlined by the new Callaway Drivers are:
Aerodynamic Efficiency

The FT Optiforce driver is among the fastest and most aerodynamically efficient driver Callaway has ever brought to market.
Fast Configuration

Also contributing to advances in clubhead speed is the overall configuration of the driver, including the use of lightweight Forged Composite in the crown and two stock shaft offerings that can enhance a golfer’s ability to deliver the club to the ball faster.
Advanced OptiFit Adjustability

The FT Optiforce Driver will debut an innovative loft and lie adjustability solution. The driver features an Advanced OptiFit Hosel that allows players to adjust the driver’s loft 1-degree down or 1- or 2-degrees up.
Speed Frame Face Technology

This piece of technology found in FT Optiforce distributes stress across the titanium face for a larger, more consistent sweet spot and increased ball speed.
Callaway’s new FT Optiforce Drivers will be available from 12th July across Europe and will retail at £329, with the new FT Optiforce Woods at £179.