Cobra are set to release their new Tour Trusty wedge. The wedge will allow for precision wedge play and shot versatility.

It has been designed in Collaboration with Cobra Tour Pros and features Cobra’s new Tour notch K-Grind, a Tour preferred shape.

The new Tour notch K-Grind provides heel and toe relief for versatility around the greens. This combination will allow golfers to hone in around the green for optimized shot making.

The Tour Trusty includes variable feed rate milling, which consists of two depths of cut, and aims to maximise spin on even the shortest of shots.

When compared with Cobra’s own Trusty Rusty, their newest wedge has double the amount of surface roughness. The wedge has wider grooves and a straighter leading edge to provide for maximum spin.

The Tour Trusty also offers non-offset compact shaping which delivers excellent alignment at address and the groove edges and volume have been maximised to the USGA allowable limit.

Made of Cast 8620 Carbon Steel, the Tour Trusty is available in both Tour Matte Satin and Tour Matte Black PVD finish. This provides feel and reduces glare for the golfer.