Direct Golf announces profits after overhaul

Direct Golf UK has bucked the economic trend and announced some encouraging economic results from the financial year of 2012/13 October – September.

It follows an extensive overhaul of its cost base following a challenge from company chairman John Andrew.

In the same period, Direct Golf has seen a rise in like-for-like profits and achieved savings of more than 1.5m.

“I have never known such tough economic times,” said Andrew.

“Working in a declining and very competitive market and with margins razor thin, we had to put our overheads under the microscope earlier this year.

“My experienced senior management team and I started the process of realigning our cost case and we are now reaping the rewards of that effort.”

Like-for-like Direct Golf profits are up in excess of £1 million against 2012, with business being conducted through its 20 nationwide stores, online and via a postal service.

“Over the past few years we have experienced a tremendous amount of growth in sales, retail sites and also our cost base,” added Andrew.

“The upshot is Direct Golf remains profitable because it ‘acted with speed’ and fully reflects my TVPS Motto (turnover is vanity, profit is sanity).”

Direct golf was established in 1991, with one store in Huddersfield. It now boasts 20 outlets across the UK, with more than 250 staff and 50 PGA Professionals.