A host of new Game Golf updates have been announced, including the option to select which teebox you used while editing your round

One of the most popular launches in the golf industry in recent years, Game Golf has announced its first major changes to its shot tracking software, including the chance to now select which teebox you played from.

The new Game Golf updates will hopefully make the round upload process a lot smoother and quicker, and help you find more golfers in your area. The new Game Golf updates include:

Profile Completion Bar

This new feature encourages you to fill in your profile by uploading a profile image and connecting with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Players You May Know

This feature tracks which golf courses you’ve played and the players you follow and vice-versa. This list will change each time you re-visit your dashboard, and will hopefully help you connect with other Game Golf users who regularly play the same courses as you.

Courses Near You

One of many new Game Golf updates, this figures out where you are and shows you courses nearby. As you travel around the world, you can now log-in to Game Golf and this list will change accordingly.


This feature allows you to pick a teebox when signing for your round. If you don’t see a teebox that you have played from, you can enter a custom one manually.

Scorecard Modal

Yardages will now include course and slope ratings where applicable, plus a women’s par line, while there’s also a new feedback link to send course feedback from the scorecard pop-up.