Check out the latest clubs that Honma Golf has on offer and see which models are best for your game

Which Honma Clubs Are Right For Me?

Famous for their craftsmanship and quality, Honma have been making golf clubs since 1959 where it all began in a small shop in Yokohama, Japan. Fast forward 60 years and they have signed former world number one Justin Rose, and their clubs have also found their way into the bags of world-class players like Paul Casey and Patrick Reed.

Which Honma clubs will suit your game? Check out the current line-up of Honma clubs for golfers of all abilities, and click the links for further information.

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Honma TWorld 747 460cc Driver

Price£559 from Scottsdale Golf

Key Technology:
As used by current world number one Justin Rose, the new Honma Tour World TW747 driver has a classic shape for the traditionalist. Combine that with the lightweight carbon-rib crown and 4-Fang technology which deploys four metal studs that due to their strategic position, increases strength and energy along the face to deliver faster ball speeds and greater distances. There are also adjustable sole weights to fine tune launch and spin.

Additionally it comes with Honma’s ground-breaking Proprietary Adjustability System, which allows golfers to adjust the loft of the club to create their desired shot shape, without rotating the spine of the shaft, which improves the consistency of the ball flight and distance.

Honma TWorld 747 455cc Driver

Price: £559 from Scottsdale Golf

Key Technology:
This driver Lightweight carbon rib crown.
4-Fang technology which deploys four metal studs that due to their strategic position, increases strength and energy along the face.
Proprietary Adjustability System, which allows golfers to adjust the loft of the club, without rotating the spine of the shaft. There’s also a fixed weight positioned more towards the toe to increase fade bias.

Beres S-06 Driver

Key Technology:
The longer face, flatter sole and crown contribute to improve the forgiveness of the driver.
Made with Ti-811 Gravity Titanium, this material provides maximum strength in a lightweight head to maintain durability.
Centre of gravity has been moved towards the back of the head to improve forgiveness on mis-hit shots.

Beres E-06 Driver

Key Technology: 
The Beres E-06 has Honma’s Split Groove Area, which comprises a collection of slots in the heel, centre and toe of the clubhead designed to give maximum repulsion effect off the club-face at impact, helping golfers with slower club-head speeds achieve longer carry distance. A low centre of gravity combines with a large club-face helps inspire confidence at address.

This driver head and shaft range from 2-star to 5-star based on the quality of shaft chosen and features selected for the head. Golfers are able to have their name engraved on the shaft, change the alignment mark on the crown and pick their favourite colour – gold includes actual 24 carat gold incorporated within the head. With full customisation, this driver has a price of over £4k.

Honma TWorld 747 Fairway Wood

Price: £309 from Scottsdale Golf

Key Technology:
TWorld747 fairway wood is designed to provide golfers with a high trajectory and maximum distance.
A 9g outer weight combined with an inner 20g weight creates a low and deep centre of gravity that enables golfers to launch the ball high into the air, without affecting their distance.
The fairway wood is available in 15°, 16.5°, 18° and 21°.

Honma TWorld 747 Utility

Key Technology:
Like much of the new 2019 range from Honma, the 747 UT has been designed to lower the centre of gravity.
This is combined with the strategic weight placement in the head to provide greater accuracy and flight the ball in whatever way the player desires.

Honma TW-U

Key Technology:
Using tungsten weights and a cast face material, the Honma TW-U is designed to be a softer utility iron that also delivers on distance from a variety of lies.
Maraging C300 steel in the face helps launch the ball higher and therefore land softer.
A slightly larger head than normal, the centre of gravity has been carefully placed to ensure forgiveness.

Honma TWorld 747 P

Price: £969 from Scottsdale Golf

Key Technology:
TWorld747 P is a game-improvement iron that provides the ultimate confidence at address and increased forgiveness on miss-hit shots. Made from high-strength stainless steel and a 20g tungsten weight on the sole of the club, the P irons provide a strong loft and high ball speed to offer ideal trajectory and distance.

Honma TWorld 747 Vx

Price: £969 from Scottsdale Golf

Key Technology:
Developed to maximise forgiveness and consistency without compromising on the classic, forged aesthetics.
Honma have added 10g weights to the toe to stabilise the clubface and the neck has been shortened by three millimetres compared to the previous model to achieve a lower centre of gravity. This helps distance and create solid contact with the ball.

Will Suit: Those looking for a compact forged iron with a degree of forgiveness. Click here to read our full review.

Beres IS-06 Irons

Key Technology:
Mild steel alloy is used to construct the head, which provides soft feel and quality aesthetic at address.
L-Cup face structure has a wider sole to help distance on mis-hits and create a high trajectory.
On irons 4-8, three slits on the bottom of the sole are designed to help ball speed.
The four and five-irons have slightly larger heads to improve forgiveness.

Honma TWorld TW-W4 Wedge

Price: £149 from Scottsdale Golf

Key Technology:
Honma’s TW-W4, in the lower lofted options, has been designed with a thinner upper portion of the face which, along with the I-SOLE, helps with turf interaction. As a result, excessive spin is suppressed to offer greater control and shot-making options.

The C-SOLE, which is across the 56°, 58° and 60° wedges, has a thicker design on the upper portion of the head for greater versatility.

Will Suit:

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