In this video, Ryder Cup legend Lee Westwood talks us through the clubs in the bag in 2018

Lee Westwood What’s In the Bag? 2018 Clubs

European Tour legend Lee Westwood talks us through his 2018 setup including the Ping G400 driver, G400 3-wood, i200 irons, and the new Glide 2.0 Stealth wedge.

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Lee Westwood What’s In The Bag?:

“So I’ve got a Ping G400, 10 degrees of loft and it actually is 10 degrees it hasn’t been cranked or anything like that. I love this driver its given me some extra distance.

“Ping G400 3-wood, 14. and a half degrees of loft, once again an Aldila shaft.

“Then I go to a 3-hybrid, 19 degree, sort of fills that gap between 4 iron and 3-wood, I don’t carry a 3 iron because greens are too firm nowadays, so this goes in a bit higher and stops a bit quicker.

“Well certain weeks I do carry a three iron but usually I don’t carry a three iron and this goes about 235-240 yards so it fits that gap nicely.

“4 iron through to U-wedge are all i200’s, I carry two U-wedges, ones in between a wedge and the other U-wedge counts as my sand iron because they don’t make a sand iron in this set.

U-wedge that goes 121 yards and sand wedge that goes 106, and I carry the new Glide lob wedge 60 degrees.

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“I have used this particular lob wedge for a long time with this particular sole, gives me a lot of variation around the greens and its great out of bunkers as well.

“Very rarely do I hit my lob wedge full out, occasionally I do and it goes around 91-92 yards.

lee carries Ping i200 irons from 4-UW (Getty Images)

“Alignment sticks which I use on the range, lining up and I use on the putting green as well.”

When discussing moving into newer models or keeping older ones, Lee went on;

“It depends what it is, with having been with Ping for so many years, generally they bring along a club and it fits me immediately I don’t need to do much tinkering around.

I do change but I try not to change too often, I like the clubs to stay the same, and then I know if I’m hitting them bad, its me.”

“The putter is a Tyne H-Sigma, just a regular Ping grip on it, Ive had the line made a little bit bigger and it moved a little bit towards the heel, but I like this at the moment it feels good in my hands. It feels heavy but I can grip it light.”

Lee in action with his PING Sigma G Tyne H putter (Getty Images)

Lee Westwood What’s In The Bag?

Driver: Ping G400

3 wood: Ping G400

3 hybrid: Ping G

Irons: Ping i200 (4-UW)

Lob Wedge: Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth

Putter: Ping Sigma G Tyne-H

Ball: Titleist Pro V1

Apparel: Flannels

Shoes: Nike

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