Macdonald Hotels has been announced as the major sponsor of The Lee Westwood Golf: Family Knockout competition.

The two have been in partnership for the last three years, with Macdonald Hotels serving as the location of the Lee Westwood golf school in Tarporley, Cheshire.

The pairs knockout competition is divided into four different areas of the UK- North, South, East and West, and four Macdonald Hotels will host the semi-finals. The national final will be played over the Championship course at the Macdonald Portal Hotel, Golf & Spa in Cheshire.

“We are extremely excited about this unique event and very proud to be sponsoring the Lee Westwood Golf Tour- Family Knockout competition,” said Stuart Leech, Golf Director at the Macdonald Portal Hotel.

Stuart Blair, the Lee Westwood Golf Tour manager, said: “It is great to have Macdonald on board and to offer such fantastic venues for the semi-finals and the national final.”

Lee Westwood is passionate about family golf, and developing young golfers in a family environment. The Family Knockout competition is an extension of his commitment to giving back to the game that has been so generous to him.