Michelle Wie has displayed her love for Harry Potter by engraving a variety of spell names on her golf clubs. By James Stroud

Michelle Wie’s Harry Potter Inspired Clubs

In dedication to the Harry Potter series Michelle Wie has decided to engrave a number of popular spell names on her clubs such as ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ and ‘Lumos’.

The 27 year old has won four times on the LPGA Tour in her career, including the 2014 U.S Women’s Open.

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She will no doubt be hoping that her Harry Potter customised clubs will inspire her to continued success on the LPGA Tour.

I don't know much about #harrypotter but if you do you're gonna like @themichellewie new wedges. #spells #hp #golf #art #newstyle #happy #loveit #newstyle #potterhead #harrywork by the amazing @whb1957

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