One of the most charismatic players on the PGA Tour, we take a look inside the bag of Pat Perez.

Pat Perez What’s In The Bag?

A three-time winner on the PGA Tour, we take a look inside the bag of the charismatic Patrick Anthony Perez.

Perez uses a full bag of clubs made by PXG, otherwise known as Parsons Xtreme Golf.

He has their new 0811X GEN2 driver in the bag along with their new fairway and hybrid options.

His irons are some of the best looking on tour. In his three and four-irons he uses 0311XF Extreme Dark models which offer slightly more forgiveness. Whereas the rest of the irons are the 0311 Extreme Dark’s from five to nine-iron.

Interestingly he only carries two PXG wedges, a 52 and 60 degree.

Finally he uses a PXG Gunboat prototype putter and had a Titleist Pro V1 ball.

He also collects and uses Air Jordan shoes at home and on tour.

Pat Perez What’s In The Bag?

Driver: PXG 0811 X GEN2 Driver, 10.5° with Tensei White 60-tx; Tipped 1 1/2″

Fairway: PXG 0341 X GEN2 3-wood with Tensei White 80-tx; Tipped 2″

Hybrid: PXG 0317 X GEN2 Hybrid with KBS 105-x Hybrid Shaft

Irons: PXG 0311XF Xtreme Dark 3 and 4 Irons, PXG 0311 Xtreme Dark 5-9pw irons all with KBS S-Taper 130x Black

Wedges: PXG 0311T Milled 52° Sugar Daddy Wedge with Black Finish, PXG 0311T Milled 60° Zulu Wedge with Black Finish and KBS 120 Tour Black

Putter: PXG Gunboat Prototype Putter; 35″

Ball: Titleist Pro V1

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