Stuburt, the World’s fastest growing golf shoe and rainwear company, has launched a new range of performance clothing designed for the cooler conditions of the winter months.

The collection follows on from the  Stuburt technical waterproofs and utilises many of the technologies, including Stuburt’s unique Dri-Back waterproof and moisture management system in its new collection of winter wear.

The star piece in the new collection is Stuburt’s Dri-Back baselayer. This garment incorporates a unique double sided fabric which not only wicks sweat away from the skin but also circulates heat to help maintain the body’s ‘core’ temperature. In this sense, this garment is perfect for the cold winter days.

The baselayer comes complete with a ‘compression fit’ design which is engineered to ensure performance is maximised by increasing muscle support –  the baselayer should stop you twisting too much in your swing and potentially harming your muscles. The compression on the upper body improves blood flow during periods of exercise which is particularly useful for the golf swing for freezing winter mornings when you need to get the arms going.

At just £24.99 and with the potential to improve your game immeasurably, Stuburt’s baselayer is well worth a look as is the rest of their excellent new collection.


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