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Tested By You: Golf Club Reader Reviews

Do you want to get your name in the most respected golf magazine on the market? Have you just bought, or know someone who has just bought a golf club to put into their bag? Well if you send us a review of that club in the same format as the ones below, you could get your name and copy in the next issue of Golf Monthly.


To add to that, if we choose yours you’ll receive a FREE £50 Foremost Golf voucher to use in anyway you see fit.

What We Need From You

We need your name, age, handicap, where you are from and also a headshot to put into the magazine.

We then need you to create a review of a club you have recently bought in the same format as the ones below.

If you could please send in your reviews to it would be greatly appreciated.

Tested By You: Golf Club Reader Reviews

November 2019

Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Putter – Reviewed by Les Hines (Maidenhead: 17)

Why did you decide to buy the product?

I was struggling with my putting and it was the only club in my bag I’d not been fitted for. I had a fitting with my club pro and my stroke suited a toe-hang putter, not the face-balanced model I was using. We found the Stroke Lab Double Wide blade suited me best.

How has the product been performing?

The putter has been performing really well. I love the feel of it and having been fitted for it, I know that if it’s not performing it is down to me rather than the putter! During a skins competition recently, I managed to sink a couple of clutch putts, which felt really good!

Volvik S4 Ball – Reviewed by Elizabeth Morrison (Monifieth: 29)

Why did you decide to buy the product?

I’ve been using two-piece golf balls believing they maximised distance, but I then read an independent report suggesting that three- and four-piece balls deliver longer distances, even at slower swing speeds. So I bought a box of Volvik’s pink S4.

How has the product been performing? 

Frankly, I’m not seeing any increased distance, but I am not losing any either. I have been working hard on my short game this year, with some success prior to switching, and I am getting noticeably more control and predictability around the green since changing.

Callaway Rogue X Irons – Reviewed by Phil Moore (Haslemere: 20)

Why did you decide to buy the product?

I have been collecting clubs from friends and family but I needed to invest in a set of irons I could call my own. I went for the Rogue X irons from Callaway because I got on well with them when I tested them briefly, and the price point fitted me perfectly.

How has the product been performing?

I feel as if the irons have given me a lot more peace of mind, especially in terms of mishits. The forgiveness has been brilliant, to the point where I am not losing much distance regardless of where I strike the ball. I love how these irons look over the ball and in my bag.

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