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July 2019

Ping G410 Plus Driver – Reviewed by Andy Clifford (Mansfield, Nottinghamshire: handicap 19)

Why did you decide to buy the product?

I had a quick hit with a Ping G410 Plus at a nearby course and was instantly hooked, so I had a fitting for it at my club. Although I didn’t then hit it as well as I had done initially, I knew what it was capable of and it still outperformed my G30.

How has it been performing?

A couple of drives were over 200 yards and the forgiveness is very good for a player whose natural fade borders on a slice. I can now rein that in via the adjustable weight. I plan to swap my 3-wood for Ping’s G410 SF model too. My only complaint would be that the headcover isn’t long enough to stop the shaft rubbing on my bag.

Titleist AVX ball – Reviewed by Jason Yantin (Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: handicap: 2)

Why did you decide to buy the product?

I’ve played golf for 31 years and have always played a Titleist ball. My flight has always been relatively high, so when Titleist introduced AVX with a lower ball flight but the same feel around the green as the Pro V1, I was keen to give it a try.

How has it been performing?

I’m really impressed. The trajectory definitely comes out lower and more penetrating than a Pro V1 and I’ve also found the AVX to be more durable. It feels no different around the greens either. I’m so impressed I’ve bought four dozen via Titleist’s promotion, even though I still have 36 Pro V1s left from 2018!

Srixon Z U85 3-iron – Reviewed by Alex Marine (Petersfield, Hampshire: handicap: 2)

Why did you decide to buy the product?

My 3-wood was not reliable enough when my driver was having an off day and I needed a long iron to act as a fairway finder in windy conditions. It looks stunning and less daunting than other utility long irons, giving me great confidence over the ball.

How has it been performing?

The Srixon Z U85 is a perfect hybrid/long iron mix that offers me ultimate distance with maximum forgiveness. I’ve since dropped my 3-wood and replaced it with a Z U85 2-iron! It gives me a penetrating flight with great control. The Z U85 is an awesome product that I couldn’t recommend highly enough.

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