The limited edition Titleist Concept C16 clubs push design boundaries to the limit to create Titleist's best performing and most adjustable products to date


Images of Titleist C16 clubs have been doing the rounds on the internet for a while now, with golfers speculating they may be next in line to usurp the popular 915 range. We can reveal, however, that this is not the case.

Instead, these are Concept clubs that are the product of the Titleist R&D team developing and testing prototypes that allow Titleist to showcase highly innovative technologies, ultra-premium materials and advanced construction methods and to gain feedback from a section of the US market to test the future of this product category.

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They also possibly provide golfers with a glimpse into the future as Titleist won’t rule out that the Concept product technology may feature within the next generation Titleist products.

By their very nature, the Concept Clubs are super premium and released in extremely limited quantity, and in this instance only in the U.S. Just 1,500 C16 drivers and 1,000 C16 iron sets will go on sale.

Titleist Concept C16 driver

The Titleist Concept C16 Driver is said to deliver more distance and forgiveness than any Titleist driver to date. It does this via an extremely thin titanium crown that moves the CG deeper in the head. Titleist had to go outside of golf to find the ATI-425 material that could make the crown 0.35mm thick, a good 0.15mm thinner than most titanium driver crowns in today’s market.

Titleist Concept C16 driver

Titleist also had to discover a new way to weld this crown to the Ti 8-1-1 body to stop it from breaking. A forged, high-strength titanium SP700 Cup Face is laser welded to the body that maximizes face flexibility, working in combination with the Active Recoil Channel to deliver lower spin and six more yards over the 915 driver.

But when the SureFit technologies are dialled in, this number goes up to nine yards.

Perhaps the most ground breaking is the SureFit CG, that comes in the form of an adjustable cylindrical cartridge that is positioned diagonally on the sole to change the shot shape bias.

There are two cartridges – a 10g cartridge with weight positioned evenly on either side and a second 10g cartridge, with 9g on one side and 1g on the other. Placing the heavy end in the toe promotes a fade while moving it to the heel encourages a draw.

Titleist Concept C16 clubs

As well as the SureFit Tour Hosel, which offers independent loft and lie adjustability, there is also a SureFit grip that places the weight above or below the hands, which is said to promote either a draw or fade.

The C16 driver is available in 9.0º and 10.5º with a U.S. price of $999.

Titleist Concept C16 irons

The Titleist Concept C16 Irons are a forgiving, game improvement product that focuses on increasing carry distance.

They boast a forged, high-strength steel (K301) Cup Face in the long irons (4-7) that produces a stronger, thinner face, delivering maximum carry distance and increased ball speed. A 1RK95 high-strength steel face insert in the short irons (8-W) creates an ultra-thin face for more distance.

Extreme high-density tungsten weighting moves mass to the perimeter and deep into the hollow-body construction, providing maximum forgiveness and a high-launching trajectory.

Titleist Concept C16 irons

A thin, cast 17-4 welded body creates discretionary mass that is repositioned into the heel and toe, pushing the CG low and deep for a higher launch with more forgiveness.

The SureFit Grip precisely places weight under the grip to promote a fade or draw, increasing accuracy and control.

The set comes with premium shafts Mitsubishi KURO KAGE Limited Edition AMC, Nippon N.S. PRO 880 AMC with Ascending Mass Concept (AMC) technology to enhance performance through the set.

The Concept C16 irons are available in a 4-PW with a U.S. price of $2699 in steel and $2999 for graphite in eight-piece sets.