Under Armour has unveiled a radical new compression technology designed to help you play better golf.

ArmourStability is an exciting new development in the performance apparel market as it is the first garment designed by Under Armour specifically to boost golf performance, helping golfers to swing better and hit more consistent shots.

Most common golfing injuries occur in the mid to lower back and Under Armour has targeted this problem with its ArmourStability. Strategic stabilisers built into the fabric of the shirt support the lower back, helping to improve core strength and balance.

The Stabilisers also help reduce fatigue so the muscles stay fresh so golfers should benefit from having more stamina. This in turn will prevent those nasty horror scores creeping onto your scorecard towards the end of a round, which are usually the result of tired, uncoordinated muscles firing out of sync.

The ArmourStability design also features mesh ventilation zones that speed evaporation, helping to regulate body temperature on hot or cold days, making it the ideal garment for year-round play.

Under Armour’s ArmourStability golf top is available in Shortsleeve with a recommended retail price of £55 and Longsleeve £60.