The most popular ball on planet golf gets put through its paces

A viable competitor to the Pro V1 and Callaway's HX Balck.

A calssic looking wedge that's especiallly good from 50-70 yards.

Another top driver from Taylor Made, this time it's aimed at the average amateur

Another looker from Taylor Made designed for the game improvers

An unmistakable Nike look but aimed at higher handicappers

Suitable for summer and winter golf with some advanced technological benefits

A chunky head should give higher handicappers confidence of delivering a healthy blow that flies high.

Dragging a weighty bag round 18 grueling holes isn’t going to do your clubs much good. So manufactures are striving to come up with light, durable bags that protect your…

What does 50 quid get you these days? A night out or a new fairway wood

Going for less than £300, they're definitely worth a look and in the right hands we reckon they're a winner

The very best quality from a company that specialise in the wedge department

This needs to be seen to be believed, but does the massive head really help or is it just a gimmick?

This is a classic looking wedge with a dull finish that won't reflect the glare from the sun.

It’s the World's first Tour Proven training system that’s also a Tour Proven putter

Long and forgiving. What more do you want from the tee from the tee?