Benross continue to impress in the value for money bracket

Look great but require a high level of skill to use well

Soft cover aimed at good golfers looking for spin

Fairly soft and more suited to the better player after spin and control around the greens

The rounded sole makes it less likely than the original to snag on the green. The ripple alignment aid is also very handy especially on long putts.

A solid wedge with a classic look - should attract traditionalists

This has quite a large head and classic chrome finish that should appeal to golfers of all standards. The TaylorMade name it certainly looks more expensive than it actually is.

Callaway has produced one of the most classic looking wedges around so they're sure to attract plenty of interest.

A club to improve your feel around the short stuff that won't break the bank

A large firm core with lower compression allows increased initial velocity for added distance.

Get plenty of club behind the ball with Nike's offering

These are so easy to hit - ideal for those who'd rather spend their time on the course than on the range.

Mid or low handicappers might want to check these out

A big dog with real class

Consistency's the key word with this fairway wood