I came to this Open Championship with no great expectations but, having seen what Greg Norman has done, I now believe that I can, after all, win a major. Okay, I’m getting on and can’t afford to leave it very much longer before making my breakthrough but, as Greg has clearly demonstrated, there’s no substitute for solid experience and I’ve had plenty of that. Twice runner up in the Dale Hill Summer Cup, a three-time medal winner and a string of solid performances in midweek Stablefords must surely count for something when the Big One comes along.

Although I don’t have his wavy hair or shiny teeth, there are a number of spooky similarities between Greg and me that give me reason to hope. For a start, we’re both right-handers. Furthermore, we’re both in our 50s. It’s true that he’s considerably wealthier than I am but I’ve been picking up quite a bit of freelance editorial work of late which should help me to close the gap, at least a little.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Norman kept the kids at bay and struck a blow for the balding generation by carrying home the Claret Jug on Sunday night? At his post-round press conference today he was understandably reluctant to say whether or not he thought he could win. I feel less constrained about speculating on my prospects and am happy to go on record as saying that I believe that, provided my partner Jimmy ‘Three Putts’ Henderson can get over his recent attack of the dreaded shanks, the Dale Hill Winter Fourball Trophy is a definite possibility.

If Greg and I can both pull it off, what a double blow that would strike for senior golfers everywhere.