73, 74 in these conditions I think I would have taken that. I can’t kick myself over that, especially when I got down here early doors on Thursday morning and saw some of the scores that people were posting. I think I would have paid for 73, 74 at that time actually!

I have just had a big smile on all day, it’s been great and make it or not I feel like I have played decent enough golf. I just haven’t quite been tight enough with the short game really, but you have days when it’s like that. I feel like I have hit it really well and perhaps just not quite scored as well as I could.

Although, touch wood, I haven’t made a big mistake yet. I’ve made plenty of little ones but I haven’t made a single double-bogey in 36 holes, which is really pleasing. I am a little frustrated that I haven’t got up and down more often and I haven’t been as much in control of the golf ball around the greens as I would like which is disappointing because I have been working really hard on that the last few weeks. It’s becoming strength for me but has slightly let me down round here so far. The rest of my game is in good shape though and I can hit all the shots I need to hit out there.

Having grown up not far away I do know the course well although it’s not like it’s my home track or anything. It’s quite refreshing like that actually because you see it with an open mind and it makes you really concentrate.

Some of my mates started cracking the tinnies really early this morning – I teed off at 6.52am! I think I had about 30 or so people following me this morning, which is the best! In fact I am off to spend the afternoon with some of them.

I will hit a few chips before tomorrow but nothing too heavy. I really just want to get the jeans on and go chill out. I won’t actually watch the golf this afternoon, I have to admit I am not a big fan of watching golf, I’d rather go wakeboarding or something…although I won’t be doing that this afternoon!

I will get a little nervous about the cut later but obviously it’s out of my control now and I’ve done what I thought was the best I can do. If I don’t make it I’ll be disappointed but I can’t be disappointed with myself, I hit the ball in exactly the places I wanted.

It will be a hell of a feeling to make my first Open cut as a pro… if I do make it then the pressure is off tomorrow and it’s Saturday so moving day and if I get it round in level-par or a couple under then you can really jump up that leaderboard. A weekend at an Open will be very, very special.