The caddy’s lot is clearly not a happy one in the kind of weather Birkdale is serving up this morning! Watching Lee Westwood’s man wrestling with bag, brolly, clubs and a disgruntled boss has prompted the GM team to consider who has the worst job at The Open in these conditions. Here’s our top 5:-

1) The caddy – for reasons described above, the caddy faces a thankless task trying to keep everything dry and his boss happy. Just what do you say to someone like Sandy Lyle, languishing at +11 through 9 as I write this after a little double, double, treble salvo?
2) The marshal – out there for hours on end in the pouring rain trying to shepherd increasingly bad-tempered people around what will gradually become a mudbath if the rain persists.
3) Car park attendant – similar to the marshal but without the bonus of at least occasionally being able to see a bit of golf.
4) Bar attendant in “The Open Arms” pub – rushed off his or her feet as spectators seek shelter and the comfort of a pint when it all gets too much for them.
5) Post-round interviewer – “Monty, could you just pop into the media centre to talk us through your 83 today?” A very dangerous job indeed.

Incidentally, Sandy Lyle has apparently just withdrawn on the score detailed above. I couldn’t quite hear what he was saying to Hazel Irvine to explain his decision, but suspect it was a case of badly wounded pride.