After all the hype surrounding Grégory Havret the time came for him to live up to expectations. That time was 1.30 and the venue was the first tee at Royal Birkdale. The modish Frenchman stepped onto the tee as part of the “Tim Clark Three,” the third member being Stewart Cink.

We watched a little of the chic Gaul on the big screen, then Jezz and I headed out to catch the end of his front nine. We found them on the 8th green and our first observation was that all members of the “Tim Clark Three” use belly putters. Although Stewart Cink’s is roughly as long as Tim Clark is tall. The diminutive South African measures just three feet from top to toe.

Grégory, dressed all in black today, made a solid two-putt par and kept his score at two over. He moved serenely onto the ninth tee and we had to take, yet another, ludicrous detour to try and stay with him. During said detour, however, another Greg distracted our attention – Greg Norman.

The Great White Shark was rolling back the years – level par through 10 holes. As we were passing the 11th tee the Shark suddenly appeared. He has a real aura surrounding him, you can’t help but stop and stare. Jezz likened him to a Demigod and I have to admit, although I wasn’t quite as captivated, he certainly does exude a certain air of authority and significance.

Greg absolutely smoked one off the 11th tee – it’s difficult to believe he’s 50-years-old. He still has the power of a man 20 years younger and, with a trim physique and a full head of blonde hair, he certainly looks it. As he strode off the tee he shook hands with someone in the crowd then shared a joke with, on course commentator Judy Rankin – what an operator.

Jezz and I joked about the other tasks the great man would be completing as he made his way round – perhaps sketching plans for his next golf course or doing the odd business deal on his blackberry.

I’m back in the media centre now and have watched The Shark maintaining his score beautifully. He’s dropped one shot but made a couple of superb pars at the 15th and 16th.

So we went out with the intention of following our practice day hero Grégory Havret but displayed our fickle nature. One big drive by Greg Norman and poor old Grégory was yesterday’s news. For those who are interested – he’s currently three over.