The Golf Monthly team has decided to follow Grégory Havret this week. In our humble opinions, he’s the coolest man competing in the 137th Open Championship. We’ve already spotted the suave Frenchman a few times around Southport and Birkdale and he seems to be getting smoother every time we see him.

On Sunday night we had the pleasure of sitting at a table adjacent to Grégory’s in a Southport steakhouse. He was sporting an ice-white Lacoste tracksuit top that, on anybody else, would have ended up absolutely covered in red wine and peppercorn sauce. Not Havret though. For a start he ordered, “Sparclin’ Watteur” – too cool for booze – and he was eating fish – too conscious of his physique to eat red meat.

Last night Paul and I spotted Havret promenading down Lord Street with a few members of his attractive entourage. This time the stylish Frenchman was looking sleek and sophisticated in a pink cashmere v-neck and a pair of immaculately fitted jeans.

Paul and Jezz heard a rumour today that Grégory was on the range so they hightailed it out of the media centre and across to the practice ground. Apparently Havret, who is known for having one of the best swings on the European Tour, was striking some awesome iron shots and looking understated yet chic in varying shades of khaki.

We’ll keep you updated with Havret’s movements over the coming days and we’ll be there on Sunday evening as he lifts the Claret Jug.