Well it just wasn’t to be, the greatest story in sporting history, didn’t happen. But hats have got to go off to 59-year-old Tom Watson as he was so close, yet so far from claiming his sixth Open title and writing his name in the sporting books as being one of the greatest sportsman ever.

When greeted with a near silent yet full press room Watson showed he still had a great sense of humour.

“This ain’t a funeral, you know?”

Talking about his bogey on the 72nd hole

“In retrospect I should have hit a 9-iron rather than an 8-iron. I hit the 8-iron just the way I meant to. In the air I said ‘I like it’ but it hit the green and ran through the back.”

Replying to a question about whether it was good to compete in a tournament again he said

“I don’t like to go to Augusta anymore because I fell like a ceremonial golfer there; I can’t play that golf course anymore. But out here I have a chance.”

Watson’s overall feelings of the week

“It’s a disappointment. I’ll take some good things from it (the week), but it’s still a disappointment to do what I did and lose the golf tournament.”

When asked about what newspaper headline he would like for the whole tournament Watson laughed

“A good headline? – The old fogey almost did it”