Par 4
Championship tee – 436 yards
Medal tee – 378 yards

Justin Rose says: The 11th hole is a really good strategic hole. Depending on the wind, you have two options on this hole you can either hit your driver and challenge the bunker on the left hand side and get down to about a 9-iron from the green or you hit a 3 wood or 2-iron from the tee and leave yourself 6 or 7-iron into the green. It’s a pretty straight forward hole unless they start tucking the pin on the right hand side of the green which brings a swail into play. This is a hole you probably need to respect a little bit and play for par and if you manage to make a putt that’ll be a bonus.

Brian says: A new tee has lengthened the hole to 434 yards and a new bunker on the left at 270 yards is well positioned for a tee shot played into the breeze. It is a straight hole but has a narrow fairway and when the wind is against, it will push the golfers into using driver. The green has a ridge running down the centre – a hog’s back – and the players certainly want to be on the same side of the ridge as the hole.

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