Par 4
Championship tee – 499 yards
Medal tee – 433 yards

Justin Rose says: The 13th hole sets up really well as a long 500-yard par 4. The prevailing wind is behind you so hopefully it won’t play that long. It suits a fade from the tee which is the shot that I feel most comfortable with my Tour Burner Driver. From there you have a long to medium iron into a green that is well guarded at the front and maybe if you can fly the ball onto the front edge its going to release into the middle of the green and again it’s a hole you want to respect and walk off with par.

Brian says: The elevated tee here gives superb views across the course. The bunkers on the left have been enhanced and there is also a new bunker on the right. Even though it has such length, golfers need to be extremely careful off the tee to avoid those traps. It is preferable to land at the front half of the green, at the bottom of quite a big slope, so the golfers can putt up the green.

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